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“Parental Alienation Disorder” Will Not Be in DSM-V

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From Dr. Caplan today:  Update for article about Parental Alienation Syndrome: DSM-5 head writes us that PAS will NOT go in the manual

On June 9, 2011, I was one of three recipients of a letter from DSM-5 Task Force Chair David Kupfer and DSM-5 Task Force Public Representative James McNulty (see my earlier essays on this site about the conference call with them in which I was a minor participant). Kupfer and McNulty said that their letter was in response to a list of questions we had sent in the hope that they could be discussed during our conference call many weeks ago. The news in their letter is that: “…because of the high evidence threshold required, the Task Force is not currently recommending the inclusion of Parental Alienation Syndrome.” This is a stunning comment, coming as it does from the heads of a manual in which so many diagnostic categories have been included despite their being no solid scientific evidence even supporting their existence or characteristics. Based on other kinds of decisions the DSM-5 people have been making, it seems unlikely that concern about the lack of scientific evidence is the real reason they have chosen to exclude it. One wonders what might be.