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Dr. Richard Warshak and the Illuminati: Teachable Moments in Exaggeration

In Corrupt bastards, Domestic Violence, Dr Richard Warshak, Parental Alienation, Parental Alienation Disorder, Parental Alienation Disorders, Parental Alienation Syndrome on December 3, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Dear Dr. Warshak has put out an “answer” to the critics.  LOL, what was wrong with just posting the factual comments that were left on the Huffington Post article that were left by domestic violence advocates, then answering them there. Instead, he went to one of his favorite cheerleaders, Monika Logan, PAD blogger to speak on this (Monika, who is also in Texas, also into “parental alienation”).  More about this later.

First, in Warshak’s rant, part of it included this:

“In fact, one website claims a conspiracy of Masonic judges who, in every family court across North America (I am not exaggerating), automatically give custody to pedophiliac fathers who in turn pimp their children to pedophiliac members of the Illuminati (the group profiled in Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons). I am not kidding. . . . Nor are they.”

Many of the domestic violence advocates involved were scratching our head, wondering WTF!  We all searched and finally found a comment on Rights for Mothers, specifically on a post that was about a Kansas mother who had her children taken…yes, the father was making claims of “PAS” and has managed to keep the children from their mother for almost a year now by the way.  The comment was left by another victim of Judge Patrick Walters, the Kansas mother’s judge.  Since the blogger from Rights for Mothers doesn’t CENSOR comments that have to do with a post, the commenter was allowed to have his say.  Something that Warshak won’t do.  Here are the two comments:

g says:

I will tell you what kind of father would do this and what kind of judge would allow it. FREEMASONS!!!! Open your eyes, a high ranking military officer and you read his post he seems like an intellectual person and a judge well lets just say it seems very suspicious to me. I am having problems with walters as well. My ex-wife’s husband is beating my son and walters won’t do a thing about. In fact he is only allowing me to see my son once a month and supervised. No need for me to have supervised visits. My son wants to live with me but i can’t afford a masonic attorney. In fact i ran out of money and can’t afford to pay my discount attorney any more. If you step into a masons court without representation, you are screwed. “DESTROY THE FREEMASONS!!!!!!!” They will enslave all of us who aren’t in high socioligic standing. What has America become? What it has been since the beginning. The Illuminati’s property. The bible said the anti-christ will acquire many followers. That part of Revolations started in 1776. The only 2 presidents that werent suspect of being freemasons or illuminati are Lincoln and Kennedy……hmmm…….what happened to those guys. Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson were trying to expose them with their lyrics…….hmmmm……what happened to them. They are too strong to destroy, so pray, pray and pray again. Give your life to God. Live as he really wants you too. Accept only the Lord into your heart and greatness will come in your afterlife. Comply with the anti-christ and burn in hell. God bless all the americans that live a good life. All the Freemasons and illuminati will ALL BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

g says:

Oh I forgot to add that my exwifes husband is in military. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!
The anti-christ is here! DO NOT COMPLY WITH NEW WORLD ORDER. Let them kill you. Make GOD proud, he will reward you in the end. DONT COMPLY DONT COMPLY, STAND UP FOR YOUR GOD GIVIN HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!

Again, the commenter was allowed to have his say on a post that was relevant to the comments.  Richard Warshak wants people to believe this has come from the domestic violence advocates that are speaking out about his censorship on The Huffington Post.  Just another spin on trying to make himself look legitimate.

So, as another domestic violence advocate said of Warshak “…spitting venomous labels on those who stand on the side of science, even comparing them to child molestors. Goodgod, can you just imagine how he would behave were he himself a party in a divorce and child custody case? Of course, it can’t happen, since the man doesn’t have children himself. He’s a pontificating know-nothing applying experimental therapies on children. Haven’t we had enough of this crap from psychology over the decades?”


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