Victim of the Scam

“I Want My Child, and No One Will Believe You’

In Corrupt bastards, Domestic Violence, Parental Alienation, Parental Alienation Disorder, Parental Alienation Disorders, Parental Alienation Syndrome on July 29, 2010 at 2:31 am

Well, it isn’t as if we all haven’t heard this before….”no one will believe you.”

Oh my, it’s more FALSE ALLEGATIONS against fathers.”

Mothers always lie to get a leg up in custody battles.”

See more of those myths from the American Bar Association here.  Thanks for having that tape recorder running, Oksana. 

(CNN) — RadarOnline released another audio recording Tuesday of a vicious argument allegedly between actor Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, in which the man is accused of striking the woman and the couple’s child — an accusation the man does not deny.

The website has been releasing similarly explosive recordings since July 9. It has not disclosed how it obtained the audio. The recordings are taken from a phone call and capture an obscenity-laced rant by the man as he spews racial and ethnic slurs, sexual insults and death threats.

The site claims the male voice is that of the 54-year-old Gibson. CNN has not independently confirmed the authenticity of the recordings.

In the recording released Tuesday, the woman tells the man he needs to seek help for his current mental state, referencing an earlier altercation between them while she was holding their child in her arms.

“You’re acting as a crazy man right now and you have been for many, many months,” the woman says. “And you hit me, and you hit her while she was in my hands! Mel, you’re losing your mind. You need medication.”

The man responds with a slew of obscenities, and ends the rant by saying, “I want my child, and no one will believe you.”

Grigorieva, 40, has acknowledged that the female voice on the recordings is hers and that the other voice is Gibson’s. CNN’s efforts to obtain comment from Gibson have been unsuccessful.

The couple have been locked in a custody dispute over their 8-month-old daughter. The Malibu Hills Police Department opened an investigation earlier this month into an alleged domestic violence dispute between Gibson and Grigorieva.

Grigorieva filed a restraining order against Gibson alleging that he struck her in the face, according to her spokesman, Stephen Jaffe.

The recordings “will be part of the investigation,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said last week.

It is not known how RadarOnline obtained the recordings. Jaffe has said that the site did not receive them from Grigorieva.

Gibson came under fire in 2006 when he admitted to making anti-Semitic remarks during a drunken driving arrest. He issued an apology at the time, and appealed to the Jewish community to help him recover from his alcohol addiction.

Actually, I just read the whole Mel quote on another site:  “You need a f**king kick up the a*s for being a b***h, ****, gold digging w***e! With a pi*sy son! And I want my child, and no one will believe you! So f**k you!

“You have my child and she doesn’t need a gold digging, f**king Russian ****, w***e for a mother! We all know what you are! I will have that child, easily. They won’t let you keep her because they’ll know what you are!”

He also adds:  “I’m not giving you my house and you can rot unless you crawl back, suck my c**k and say you’re sorry, in that order! Do you understand me? You f**king offend my f**king maleness, my masculinity, my being, my soul!”


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