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Grab Your Torches and Pitchforks: The “Parental Alienation Syndrome” Court Whores are Coming to New York

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The Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome

Joseph Goldberg, well known to the Florida Better Business Bureau as a scam artist, and possibly is a fugitive because of the $86,000 he allegedly owes in child support, is holding one of those court whore conventions again.  This time it will be in New York City.  As he did with the Toronto court whore event, he cold-emailed many lawyers and psychologists with claims of clients he has for them as soon as they hook up with him (I had a psychologist forward the email he had sent out….unbelievable!).  A look on his site for the event has multiple “register now” buttons blinking which reminded me of the decor of a Nevada whore house.  Looking at the “presenters” is also amusing, many are professional court whores whose livelihood depends on this sham syndrome.

(It is apparent that more people attended the Mother’s Day Vigil in front of the White House this year than attended their court whore event in Toronto pushing the syndrome that was used as a legal tool against these mothers and children.)

For example, Dr. Michael Bone is no longer licensed to practice because of ethical problems relating to a custody case in Florida.  So he whores himself off as a PAS expert.  A dear friend of mine, who was duped into thinking this guy knew something, was quoted a rate of $150 for every 15 minute segment he talked with her and her attorney.  $600 an hour is pretty powerful incentive to push anything for some people.

Then there’s Bernet and Baker….part of the magical (and laughable) 50 “professionals” pushing their “parental alienation disorder” to the DSM-V committee, to get their moneymaker into the diagnostic bible the American Psychiatric Association publishes.  Fifty professionals that dismiss eye witness accounts of abuse and medical proof of abuse by an abuser…reasons why children may be afraid of an abuser.  Fifty professionals are touted as a “representative” group of psychologists and psychiatrists in their eyes I suppose, although I know many singular professional buildings in many cities have far more than this number in their buildings by themselves.  If only 50 signed up to support it, imagine the number that laugh at the prospect of it getting in.  I know many do.  But these 50 “professionals” have services and books for sale, including expert testifying services for your convenience…they brag about it on their bios on the CSPAS website.

Among Bernet’s “Diagnostic Criteria for Parental Alienation Disorder“:

C. The child manifests two or more of the following six attitudes and behaviors:

(1) lack of ambivalence

(2) independent-thinker phenomenon


Unfreakingbelievable!  What a bunch of quacks…really, there is something wrong with being an independent thinker?  Corrupt bastards.

And then there is the House of Whores Horrors, the Hochs from the Rachel House, who always seems to have their share of legal problems.  Read more about them here.  This article also discusses other court whores associated with them who have lost the privilege to practice.

Finally, here cum the low-life, blood and life-sucking lawyers, who look for more ways to build their business to defend and/or attack parents using this sham syndrome.  They use legal tools to satisfy their clients desire to win, and that means $$$ for them.  What’s best for the children means NOTHING to them…winning means everything.

By the way, a New York State Appellate Division overturned a recent “PAS” case just a couple weeks ago.  Human rights: 1, Court Whores: 0.

So grab your torches and pitchforks and head to New York City October 2nd and 3rd.  You can wear scarves over your heads, or even a burka, to hide your identity.  Let’s let these folks know that enough is enough.  We are sick of their snake-oil pitches.  We are sick of their legal tools of abuse to take children from their mothers and place them with the abuser.

Our Upcoming Conference:

Parental Alienation Syndrome: Past, Present and Future

will be held on

October 2nd & October 3rd, 2010

at the

Stern Auditorium

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

One Gustave L. Levy Place

New York, NY 10029-6574


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