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Criminal Rewards: The Impact of Parental Alienation Syndrome on Families

In Dr. Richard Gardner, DSM-V, Parental Alienation, Parental Alienation Disorder, Parental Alienation Disorders, Parental Alienation Syndrome on March 6, 2010 at 1:59 am

Here is an excerpt:

Since 1985, the claim of parent alienation syndrome (PAS) has represented the extreme collusion of male entitlement, the mental health profession, and family courts. PAS is a pseudoscientific theory used to prevent battered women from protecting their children from exposure to violent and abusive fathers. It asserts that children who resist parents’ visits are not legitimately seeking protection from their fathers but have been “alienated” from their fathers by their mothers. This article examines the impact of PAS on families, its admissibility in courts, and the role of social workers and other mental health practitioners in custody cases through the lens of a social worker, a social justice activist, and a mother who is involved in a PAS custody case.

To view the entire article, “Criminal Rewards: The Impact of Parental Alienation Syndrome on Families” by Andrae L. Brown,  please click here.  It is very good…it should be required reading for all family court judges.

  1. I am facing a similar issue now. Although there have been repeated child abuse and molestation charges he keeps getting away with it. I still have not been able to convince the courts that my daughter needs supervised visitation. Furthermore, he is now seeking sole custody because he told the courts me and my girls (and I guess the other children as well) keep lying. How can I get help?

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